Exciting new features and fresh designer touches can transform your Rio Grande swimming pool and spa into a custom haven of fun and relaxation designed just for you! From bold fire elements casting sparkling reflections to bubbling waterfalls and energy-saving LED color lighting that you can control from your phone, you can add both style  Read More

June 1st formally begins the Hurricane season here in the Rio Grand Valley. There is a lot of public service information on how to prepare for a Hurricane in and around your home but it normally has little or no information on what to do with your swimming pool. If you built a Hamlin Pool  Read More

Wow, what a storm we just had in the Upper Valley a couple of weeks ago. Heavy rains combined with 80mph wind and golf ball size hail can play havoc with roofs, windows and swimming pools. The slow moving storm with a 45 minute hail event not only severely damaged homes but the wind and hail  Read More

Spring Break and our pools   Aaahaa – Spring Break, to Webster, it’s defined in two areas, the first part is Spring which is listed as “a season after winter” and Break is listed as an “interruption”. To some spring break may be a seasonal interruption, but too many others, spring break is more of  Read More

Hamlin Pools has a long history of  water treatment. In the early 50’s and 60’s the Rio Grand Valley’s primary source of water was the Rio Grande River. The river’s water was pumped into a canal system that runs through out the valley and residents either drew directly from these canals or were fortunate enough to be  Read More

The months just keep clicking by, here we are already in February with Spring Break just a month away. If you have young folks coming home for spring break and bringing their friends, better go down the check list of things do before they arrive. Most of these lists start with things like plenty of cokes, snacks, sandwich makings and SOAP  Read More

Everyone always asks “What’s new for 2012”? SPA’S are new! that’s right, Hamlin Pools has now added portable spas or Hot Tubs, as some prefer, to the product lines we offer. We have teamed up with FANTASY SPAS to help provide the relaxation  you can afford. Come by our office to actually see 2 of the 4 models they offer.  Read More

Well 2012 has arrived and we are excited about the New Year. I know most of us are still recovering from the Holidays and special times with family and friends but here at Hamlin Pools we are preparing for those special times to begin again. It’s called Summer and starts off with SPRING BREAK. Spring Break is  Read More