At Hamlin Pools we offer a variety of services to take the hassle out of keeping your pool and spa properly maintained. From regularly scheduled cleaning services to emergency clean-up to equipment repairs or replacements, we’ve covered all your needs.

Chemical Route Service

A great value for your dollar – includes the following services:

  • Water analysis of chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and sequestering agents.
  • Free Monitoring of mineral levels and notices for water dilution needs.
  • Addition of necessary chemicals for proper adjustment.
  • Shock treatment of chloramines as needed
  • Algae treatment as needed.
  • Refilling your automatic chlorinator
  • Checking your automatic chlorinator for proper operation
  • Backwash your sand or D.E. filter as needed
  • Cleaning pump and skimmer baskets
  • Time clock verification
  • Free chemical delivery and stock, so you don’t have to carry heavy, corrosive chemicals in your vehicle – delivery of all pool supply needs are also available.

Other Services Available:

  • Weekly Chemical Service
  • 2-5 times a week chemical service.
  • Vacuum Service is available upon request at an up charged rate.
  • Brush/Net Service is available upon request at an up charged rate.
  • Full Line Service and Repair Department – Call in your work orders to have a trained service technician complete your repairs.