Water Quality, it is such a critical element of life. In America we are really blessed with safe potable water to drink and seldom worry or think of it as a source of contamination or being unsafe for use. By Federal standards safe drinking water does not mean the water will not have a strange or  Read More

Who wants to save money while operating your swimming pool, EVERYONE! There are many ways to operate a pool more economically but one of the newest kids on the block when it comes to savings is the variable speed pump. It is still basically the same pump but the new technology is in the motors being  Read More

“What are those streaks, spots, bumps, blotches, stains or funky things on my white plaster pool finish!!!” Has anyone with white plaster ever asked this question to a neighbor, the plaster company or just wondered this to yourself. Well if it makes you feel better, 100% of the folks that purchase white plaster as their preferred  Read More