We are on the tail end of our winter season with water temps in our pools about as cool as they will get. A couple of things to pay close attention to are the low alkalinities and high chlorine levels these low temps bring on. Low alkalinities can create a corrosive condition in your pool to not  Read More

Everyone always asks “What’s new for 2012”? SPA’S are new! that’s right, Hamlin Pools has now added portable spas or Hot Tubs, as some prefer, to the product lines we offer. We have teamed up with FANTASY SPAS to help provide the relaxation  you can afford. Come by our office to actually see 2 of the 4 models they offer.  Read More

Well 2012 has arrived and we are excited about the New Year. I know most of us are still recovering from the Holidays and special times with family and friends but here at Hamlin Pools we are preparing for those special times to begin again. It’s called Summer and starts off with SPRING BREAK. Spring Break is  Read More