The months just keep clicking by, here we are already in February with Spring Break just a month away. If you have young folks coming home for spring break and bringing their friends, better go down the check list of things do before they arrive. Most of these lists start with things like plenty of cokes, snacks, sandwich makings and SOAP for all the dirty laundry they always bring with them. Usually some where on the list is the pool. So take a look at it and make sure everything is working and in good order.
Usually one of the big items on the pool, is the heater. they are gonna want that water warmed up and especially the spa. Here is a short check list to make sure things are in order on the heater:

  • Number 1 on heating a pool is to allow plenty of time. 1 to 2 days could be needed to get that pool up to 82 degrees. Remember to check you time clock setting because depending on conditions, you may have to increase your pump run time to keep the pool warm.
  • If you have a spa, flip the switch and turn the valves to spa position. Wait 30 to 45 minutes and make sure the spa reaches your desired temp, all the jets are bubbling and the spa is holding level.
  • If you have automation then push the button and check the readings on your touch pad. Once it reads your desired temp, go check the spa and confirm its bubbling hot.
  • If you are on PROPANE, it is real important to check the gas level in your propane tank. If you are under 50% go ahead and have it filled, nothing worse to run out in the middle of that big Party!  PS – Never let the propane tank fall below 10%, that could create bigger problems needing a service call to resolve the problem and those are hard to come by at 9 pm on Friday Night.
  • Observe and listen to your heater while its fired. Varmits love to get inside and build nests and ants love to eat electrical wires. Some condensation could occur and appear as a wet spot on your slab but should be minimal except on a heat pump. Ventilation should allow the heater to breath properly so there should be no smoke or gas oder. All you should hear is a nice even roar of the burners heating the water, if you hear much at all.

If you don’t have a heater and would like one there is still time to get it in if you plan now. The options these days are fantastic and run from Natural Gas, Propane, and Heat Pumps. Small electric heaters can handle spa only applications as well.

We are just a call away if you need any help or advice.
Happy Swimming!