We are certainly experiencing some interesting times. While we’re embracing this new way of living, there has been a marked increase in the need for backyard pools. Staycations are on the rise, and people want to invest in their homes, creating a space where they feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. Unfortunately, with the rise  Read More

UV Pools Use Less Chlorine Installing an ultraviolet water sanitizer in your swimming pool means dramatically reducing the amount of chlorine you have to use – saving you time and money year after year. The Ultra UV2 system can reduce chemical usage by up to 80% This means fewer harsh chemicals that can cause red  Read More

Even with proper care and maintenance, swimming pools in the Rio Grande Valley can still get out of balance and need a little adjusting. Your water chemistry is constantly changing due to environmental factors, usage, and even the toys you put in the pool. Learn five factors that play a major role in your swimming  Read More

Give yourself the gift of using less water and saving money on utilities by giving your pool an energy makeover! Below are just a handful of updates and upgrades you can incorporate into your poolscape now so that you can save time and money all season long:   Best New Technology New technology is always  Read More

Baby, it’s getting cold outside! Now that we’ve entered the freeze season, it’s important to know about protecting your pool from freeze damage. Swimming pools have many intricate parts that can be costly to have replaced or fixed. You can avoid expensive repairs by following a few steps to winterize your pool and protect it  Read More

We are proud and honored to have been voted McAllen’s “Favorite Pool/Spa Store” by the readers of The Monitor. Since 1952, we’ve been privileged to build swimming pools and outdoor living areas across the Rio Grande Valley. We believe it’s a testament to our service-first mentality and a dedication to giving our customers only the  Read More

In a world where comparing costs can be as easy as a few clicks, many homeowners interested in building a backyard pool start their search by requesting online bids from a variety of pool construction companies. While this may sound logical, it can actually get you off on the wrong foot because it might result  Read More