Baby, it’s getting cold outside! Now that we’ve entered the freeze season, it’s important to know about protecting your pool from freeze damage. Swimming pools have many intricate parts that can be costly to have replaced or fixed. You can avoid expensive repairs by following a few steps to winterize your pool and protect it from freeze damage.


Balance Your Pool Chemicals

As many pool owners know, keeping the chemicals balanced in your pool is one of the most important things you can do. When the first freeze is approaching, the first thing you should do is check the water and adjust the chemicals to keep the pH as balanced as possible. Keep in mind that you won’t have to add as much chlorine in the winter weather as you would in the summer months. It’s also important to your pool’s water is at the proper level.


Keep the Water Running

If you know a freeze is approaching, be sure to keep the water running in your pool. Running water freezes slower, so set your pool to run 24 hours a day while temperatures are below freezing. Some newer pools come with freeze protectors. These sensors automatically turn on the pool to keep the water running when temperatures drop too low.


Additional Steps to Freeze Protection

  • Clean your filter in order to keep the water flowing properly during the cold weather.
  • Plumbing lines should be insulated to prevent major freezing. You can use blankets, towels, or even pool noodles!
  • Keep electric and gas heaters away from the pool pump and filter. This could actually damage your pool equipment or cause a fire!

Keep your pool safe and working great by taking these steps to winterize your pool. Keep yourself well informed and feel free to ask us any questions protecting your pool from freeze damage. It’s better to be safe than sorry since damage to your pool can really put a dent in your bank account. Prevent costly repairs by being proactive and you’ll have a great winter no matter how cold it gets.



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