If you’re in the market for a backyard pool, you may be overwhelmed by builder galleries and the countless design options available. You can build anything from traditional pool designs to more opulent options that surely catch the eye. But over the top isn’t always best. A simple, classic pool design is a fantastic alternative. It provides endless opportunities for water fun without being overwhelming. 

Read on to learn why simple pool designs will leave a lasting impression and give you the backyard you’ve always wanted. 

Simple Pool Designs Have Universal Appeal

While ornate pools appeal to some, they often include components that those who prefer a minimalist look find unattractive. Oftentimes, ornate pool designs reflect the home’s owner. So if you’re thinking long-term and the possibility of selling your home at some point, it may be more beneficial to think of a universal pool design that potential new owners would enjoy. 

You may envision a simple pool design as a basic option that lacks beautiful features. But that’s not the case. Since a simple pool design doesn’t have a lot of fancy elements, these features have more of an impact on the overall look of the pool. Designing a pool that features one or two custom features can make just as strong a statement as one with many extras. By focusing on a classic pool design that showcases one or two extra features, you’ll still be able to create a space that serves as both an outdoor focal point and remains functional. 

A bubbler is one element that works well in classically designed pools. Bubblers are small, inexpensive fountains that add the sound of running water to your aquatic area. Many find the sound of running water a soothing addition to their outside space. 

Another addition that adds auditory and visual appeal to your pool is a scupper. A scupper is a water feature that moves water from one area to another via a small stream. You can have a scupper move water from a wading area, an adjoining spa, or even a small bowl to the main part of your pool.

A sheer descent water feature adds a small waterfall to your pool if you prefer a more dramatic look. Or, if you enjoy the sight and sound of a roaring fire, adding a small fire bowl to your pool area will create a cozy and welcoming ambiance. 

Classic Designs Blend Well With Your Home’s Organic Aesthetic

Don’t think understated means plain. Ornate pool designs are gorgeous but become your home’s main focal point. While you want your pool to stand out as a beautiful addition to your home, you also want it to provide a seamless transition from the indoors out. A simple pool design complements your home’s features instead of stealing the spotlight from them. It will complement your home’s exterior rather than presenting itself as the only outdoor feature. Embracing the natural landscape and views is a great way to create a stunning outdoor environment. 

There are many ways to enhance the look and atmosphere of your outdoor pool area without going overboard. Add more personality to your backyard poolscape by incorporating quality outdoor furniture pieces and pool accessories that fit the seasons to give it a fresh vibe. 

Your Rio Grande Pool Design Experts

When it comes to the right pool design for your property, call the Rio Grande pool design experts at Hamlin Pools to schedule your consultation today. There’s more to classic pool design than just flashy and over-the-top features. Classic and traditional pool designs leave a strong lasting impression, and we’re excited to bring your vision to life. 


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