Rio Grande Valley & South Padre Island Pool Construction Process

You can rest easy knowing that your pool is in good hands. We know the construction process can seem daunting, so we work with you every step of the way to make sure the process goes smoothly. Once you choose the pool design that is right for you, we will meet with you to finalize all of the details, explain the construction process, and answer any questions you have before we break ground.

Please take a look at our pool construction process below to see the pool building process, step by step.

Start : Design


We want you to love your pool and have fun enjoying it for years to come. We’ve been building pools our customers love in the

Step 1 : Stake


Once you have approved your pool plan, Hamlin Pools will stake out the water perimeter of the pool and/or spa. This allows you

Step 2 : Pre-Construction


Before we begin construction, your designer and superintendent will meet with you. This is when you’ll sign off on the final design

Step 3 : Dig


After the pool has been staked and has your approval, Hamlin Pools begins the excavation process using a backhoe and

Step 4 : Form


The forming process takes place a few times during construction, depending on the complexity of your job. Forming is done to

Step 5 : Plumb


The pool is piped with schedule 40 PVC pipe and each individual line is air tested and monitored throughout the entire construction process.

Step 6 : Steel


After the pool has been dug and the inside plumbing has been completed, a specially designed matt of Grade 4 steel

Step 7 : Gunite


Once the plumbing and steel inspections are made, Hamlin Pools’ custom concrete formula is delivered to the job site and then

Step 8 : Cleanup


Remove dirt and trash, in and around the pool, level dirt around the pool and then begin the curing process.

Step 9 : 3-Day Cure


Curing is required for your concrete shell to set properly and provide you with the stability that Hamlin Pools puts it’s name on.

Step 10 : Tile


When your selection of a frost-proof ceramic tile has been made, it is then installed around the perimeter of the pool. A bullnose tile

Step 11 : Deck


During this phase your deck is prepared with a compactor and the “sky bars” coming out of the beam of your pool are then bent

Step 12 : Equipment


Your pump, filter, chlorinator, and heater (if required) are installed on an equipment slab. We prefer that you have your fence up

Step 14 : Plaster


During this near final stage, the finish of your choice is hand-troweled onto the gunite shell. Multiple passes are made to

Step 15 : Startup


At this phase of construction, your technician will start all equipment and adjust your pool water. Depending on the type of pool

Step 16 : City Inspection


Throughout construction, detailed inspections are performed by your pool project manager or superintendent. At this phase of your

Step 17 : Final Inspection


The final inspection is a complete review of every aspect of your new pool. We won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

Step 18 : Pool School


Once your pool is complete, we will teach you the ins and outs of your pool. We’ll teach you how to run all of your features, clean your