Maintaining a healthy pool is the key to getting the most out of it. If you want to keep your pool swim-ready at all times, then there’s no substitute for proper cleaning and maintenance. And one of the most important components of your pool that needs to remain clean is the pool filter. 

Keeping the filter in pristine condition won’t just keep the water going through it clean. It will also allow you to increase your pool’s efficiency over time. So how does investing in a professional filter clean allow your pool to work at its maximum efficiency? Read on to find out more. 

What Do Pool Filters Do?

Pool filters do exactly what their name suggests. They filter out dirt, debris and even bugs trapped in your pool water. By continually filtering these things out, your pool water remains clean, clear and ready to use.

But over time, even with regular at-home filter cleanings, filters can get blocked up, and you need to deep-clean these with a seasonal filter clean. As the water in your pool circulates through your filter, blockages mean the water isn’t being cleaned. This leads to dirty pool water, and it could even cause issues elsewhere with pumps and potential flooding. 

Different Types of Pool Filters

Sand Filters

Sand filters work by trapping particles in a bed of sand, and you need to backwash them fairly regularly to maintain efficiency. 

DE Filters

Diatomaceous Earth filters, or DE filters, work in a similar way to sand filters, but it’s a special powder that’s used in place of sand. These filters require regular backwashing as well, but you should also clean them with special cleaning products at least once a year. 

Cartridge Filters

Finally, you may instead have a cartridge filter. These don’t require backwashing, but you do need to fully disassemble them for cleaning. How often you clean these will vary from weekly to monthly or even less frequently, depending on how dirty your pool gets.

The Importance of Seasonal Pool Filter Cleaning

Seasonal pool filter cleaning is essentially when you deep-clean your pool filter at the beginning and end of the swimming season. This is usually done by your local pool professionals. However, a filter could involve far more frequent cleanings if your pool sees a lot of use over the summer months with an increased bather load (more people in your pool).

As more people use the pool, the water in it will naturally get dirtier. This puts more strain on your filter system over time. So, it’s essential to perform regular pool filter cleanings during the swim season to increase your pool’s efficiency. 

Why Professional Pool Filter Cleaning Is a Must

A clogged pool filter could lead to major issues with water circulation. This could mean your pump is working harder than it needs to in order to pump the water throughout the pool. 

By having your pool filter cleaned by professionals on a regular basis, you can ensure that your pool is always clean and running as efficiently as possible.

Your Rio Grande Pool Service Company

If you’re noticing issues with the water quality of your pool, or you want to schedule regular pool filter cleaning, get in touch with the pool service professionals at Hamlin Pools today. Keeping your pool in pristine condition is our number one priority, and we look forward to increasing your pool’s overall efficiency through proper pool care and maintenance. 


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