As important as pool care is during swim season, it’s even more important to make sure that you properly maintain it during the off-season to ensure your water will be healthy and the pool will be ready to use before the spring swimming season. Taking the time now to service your pool prior to the upcoming swim season means you’ll be able to jump right in and spend your valuable time where it matters most — in the water! Below are a few pool service suggestions to get your pool ready in anticipation of the upcoming swim season. 

Turn It On

Go ahead and get all of your equipment turned on, including the filter, pump, heater, and anything else. You want to ensure everything turns on, that you’re not hearing any out-of-the-ordinary noises and that each piece of equipment functions properly. If you notice something isn’t properly working, get in touch with your local pool service experts to assess the situation and get it working before pool season starts. 

Look for Cracks

Now’s a good time to look for any cracking in your pool’s finish, especially around the drain, lights, and concrete pads under the pumps. Look for bubbles that may indicate a leak and enlist the services of a professional technician to fix it at once. Cracks that aren’t addressed in a timely manner could cause more damage. 

Check Your Water Levels

Once you’ve inspected the pool to be sure everything is up to standard, check the water levels. If it’s a bit low, add water to it. Be sure to leave it at the midpoint of the pool skimmer. Anything below or above this point will prevent effective filter action.

Skim the Pool

You should be skimming the surface of your pool once a week. This allows you to scoop out all the debris and accumulated grime in it. It’s also a good idea to run your vacuum for a bit to clean the bottom of the pool. While the vacuum is running, take some time to clean the pool filter and filter basket.

Test and Balance Your Water Chemistry

After the pool has been rid of all the debris and grime, it’s time to test the water. At-home testing kits work well or you can bring your water into your local pool care store to get it tested. Once you figure out the chemicals that your pool needs, you can start adding them into the water. 

Standard water chemistry levels include: 

  • pH – between 7.4 and 7.6

  • Chlorine levels – between 2 and 4 ppm

  • Water hardness – between 150  ppm and 400  ppm.

Your Rio Grande Pool Care Experts

Properly taking care of your pool in the off-season leads to a longer, and more enjoyable pool ownership experience. By incorporating these pool maintenance tips now, you’ll avoid wasting any swim time had you waited until just before jumping in. If you’ve noticed anything out of sorts, now is a great time to contact the pool service professionals at Hamlin Pools to schedule a routine pool maintenance visit.


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