The first thing most pool owners know or should know is that cloudy water is preventable. The 2nd thing they should be aware of is that cloudy water could be unsafe and the pool should be closed if the bottom cannot be seen. Safety Codes require Commercial Pools and Water Parks to close if severe cloudy water conditions occur.

The good news is that cloudy water is very preventable. Here are some tips on the most common causes of cloudy water and solutions to either prevent it or get rid of it.

  1. Poor Filtration – generally the result of a dirty filter that needs a backwash or be cleaned.
  2. Poor Circulation – can be a poorly designed pool or simply missing return fittings
  3. Incorrect Water Balance – could mean more frequent testing is needed with the required adjustments, a shock treatment is needed, or the pool needs to be drained and refilled.
  4. Heavy Influx of Particulate Matter – results from, heavy swim loads, high winds or storms
  5. The use of a quality Clarifier – enhances the filtering action to help prevent cloudy water.

Terry Arko with SeaKlear deals with this subject in more detail in his article titled, “Water Clarity Saves Lives”. If you would like to read more on this subject, click on the link provided.

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