Happy Fall everyone.

The hot summer temperatures are winding down but that does not mean you can back off the maintenance on your pools. In some cases usage may slow down as the kids go back to school and weekends are taken up with other fall activities but in other cases the pool usage is just heating up.

Proper water balance remains critical regardless of whether its summer or winter. Water temperature does play a role in the proper parameters of water balance so staying on top of it is critical. Other things that complicate water balance besides temperature is TDS (total dissolved solids) which is the total metals and minerals in the water. The popularity of chlorine generators and the addition of salt to a pool adds to TDS and even complicates water management farther.

Most people that own their own home pool and even Mangers of  Apartment/Condos or Hotel/Motels are not up to speed on proper water management procedures for a pool. Many are also unaware of the constant evaporating conditions a pool operates under. Evaporation has a huge effect on TDS and water balance in their pool. Hamlin Pools has been in the swimming pool business for over 60 years and understands water balance, TDS, and the effects evaporation has on our valley pools. We have pioneered our ADS (Auto-Drain System) on the pools we build and service to deal specifically with lowing many of the minerals and metals that can cause pool water problems.

The latest complication in pool water management has developed through the popular use of Chlorine Generators. High salt levels in a pool can lead to a condition called “Galvanic Corrosion”. It appears as copper, purple or black stains on the plaster or fixtures in the pool. It can also cause purple colored water. Galvanic action will also cause pool owners to experience heater problems. When high TDS comprised particularly of salt is allowed to occur in a pool, copper based products like heat exchangers become the sacrificial anode and will be the first to go. This all seems complicated but can be made simple by:

  • Following basic water balance rules and procedures
  • Monitor your TDS or Calcium/Salt levels and drain when appropriate
  • Use non-phosphate based algaecides
  • Consider the use of a sacrificial anode like zinc in your skimmer
  • Consult your Swimming Pool Professional

Terry Arko with SeaKlear goes into significant detail on this matter in the attached article.


Happy Swimming