“Dear Owners,

I had actually known Hamlin’s reputation via word of mouth. So when my husband and I were ready for a remodel, I called you. I was very pleased with Taylor when he showed up. He was dressed nice, spoke well, was a gentleman, and even had a good sense of humor. But that did not surprise me given my previous dealings with Hamlin, as all of your young men are superb! Taylor became our salesperson and eventually we decided on a new pool instead of a remodel at Taylor’s direction due to cost. I insisted he stay on even though he is a remodel guy because I do not like dealing with multiple salespeople. He didn’t even complain once. Your T-Boys are terrific…Taylor, Tyler, Travis, etc.

We are super glad we built the new one! I was also very happy he talked us into the pebble finish. We feel it looks better and will be a real asset if we sell our home. It looks very natural in our backyard and blends into our home environment perfectly.

We were very pleased with their level of professionalism and workmanship during the entire process. Taylor came by every day to supervise and make sure all was going well. We have grown very fond of him and are now even Facebook friends I refer to him when I get the chance.

We cannot say enough how satisfying it was not to have to micromanage for once. If there were issues, they resolved them. As a woman, I am always concerned about men coming to my home. I was always
treated with respect and decency at all times and that kind of comfort is rare. There is nothing I would say bothered me or was a negative experience. I cannot thank you enough as you did not sell me a pool, you gave me an experience.

I even finally met Theresa. Turns out her mother lives across the street! In today’s world when you look around at all the bad things, it’s nice for a change to look around and see you! I feel like I am surrounded by Hamlin and that’s a good thing.

So, keep up the great work, and know that at Hamlin, you are more than just about pools…you’re about relationships. Thanks.”

Terry P.