The average American pool owner spends up to one hour each week maintaining his or her pool, and that doesn’t include when the pool is in high usage during the busier spring and summer months. One way you can shorten your pool maintenance time and improve the quality of your pool water is with a multi-tasking water conditioning borates product like Lonza’s Ultima® Endure®.


5 Reasons to Use Endure In Your Pool

There are a number of ways borate can boost your water quality in a number of ways. The water care professionals at Hamlin Pools understand how important it is to keep your pool water healthy, and we recommend incorporating Endure into your pool care routine for the following reasons:


1. Keeps Algae at Bay

The leading ingredient in Ultima® Endure®, sodium tetraborate, stabilizes your pool water pH levels which means pesky algae cannot process the CO2 it needs to grow. You can maintain crystal clear pool water and prevent other pH-related issues which can affect your pool, such as erosion, corrosion, and damage to your plaster and grouting.


2. Maintains the Effectiveness of Your Chlorine

Though borates cannot clear up a cloudy or green pool, once your pool water is sparkling Ultima® Endure® will help your chlorine remain effective by killing off any algae blooms before they have a chance to affect the health and clarity of your pool water. It also expedites the filtration of harmful algae and bacteria from your pool water.


3. Makes Pool Water Softer

Ultima® Endure® contains water softening components. This means that the water not only feels softer, but it will reduce skin and eye irritation.


4. Compatible with Almost Every Sanitizing System

The formula found in Ultima® Endure® is compatible with all of the most popular sanitizing systems available, including chlorine, bromine, biguanide and salt.

Salt cells particularly benefit from borate since the stabilized pH levels mean that the salt cell will have reduced calcium build-up.


5. Reduces Chlorine Usage

Because borate eliminates CO2 and stabilizes your pH, pool owners do not need to use as much chlorine in their pool water. This means less money and less time cleaning and shocking your pool.


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