Price vs Quality, everyone has read or seen articles written on this topic on about every product or service we can imagine, including Swimming Pools.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert on this and try to compete with professionals who are trained in this field and publish their “how to” advice on navigating this issue. I do believe its been around since the first cave men argued about who had the best rock and who got it the cheapest.   I suspect that argument was settled by whose rock held together and killed the dinosaur versus whose rock fell apart and as a result, got eaten.

Hamlin Pools has been around in the pool business since 1952 and believe me the question of QUALITY VS PRICE has always been a focal point for us as well. I suggest the answer to all this is pretty basic but in order to understand the answer you have to first know the definition of quality. I believe there is no one better to answer this than Mr. Webster.

He says,  quality is —– “A DEGREE OF EXCELLENCE”.

So by accepting that definition the answer to “Price vs Quality” becomes pretty clear —– the higher the degree of quality, the more it cost —-

So if you are thinking about buying a pool or doing that backyard pool renovation and you want to know how to get the quality you want at a fair price then do your homework and start with yourself:

  • get educated on all aspects of construction, service and warranty of the project
  • interview the builders for their knowledge, NOT their fast talk or marketing of pretty pictures
  • talk to their referrals — the proof of the quality will come from the customers truthful answers

The biggest decision will be figuring out your “Acceptable Degree of Excellence”. Once you know your “Acceptable Degree of Excellence” then the price will not be an issue because it will be relatively the same.
Why you ask??? — because reputable, ethical, builders have similar costs. Quality material, quality labor, quality overhead from quality business practices all cost any builder about the same. The separation mathematically can only come to you in the experience you had as they tried to WOW you in their performance on your project.

Any builder that claims to offer the exact same quality at a significantly CHEAPER price, is not an ethical builder. He is cutting corners somewhere! Unfortunately the uneducated buyer will not find out what corners he cut until after they made the wrong buying decision.

Happy Swimming