Spring has arrived here in the Rio Grand Valley! What were our clues:

  • fewer and milder fronts
  • trees budding out
  • buttercup flowers on the side of the roads
  • howling wind
  • deafening noise of blackbirds and parrots competing for their spot on the power lines along 10th in McAllen
  • grass fire alerts
  • dirt clouds from McCook landing on our cars, patios and pools
  • Burning sugar cane and ash everywhere
  • kids outta school for Spring Break wanting to swim and soak in the hot spa
  • The sudden request for those “gotta have” pool parties and pachangas for all my friends

So what does this all mean for Mom and Pop? It means we need to get the backyard and pool ready for spring break and then another summer of backyard and Swimming Pool FUN! Prepping for fun usually includes some projects like planting those flowers, trimming those trees, cleaning those pump and skimmer baskets, back washing and cleaning those pool filters, and making sure that pool heater will heat the spa!

Do you need HELP? There are a few things we can do as parents to get some extra help. Start with coercion and recruit the kids with small projects like keeping those skimmer baskets cleaned more frequently while the spring bloom is on. Kids have wants and they like having their friends over for that spa party or big pool volley ball game. Trade a little work for that fajita taco and pool party, its good character building for those young ones.
Another great tool for getting help is the phone. Hamlin Pools is a phone call or email away form requesting an application for new service or increasing that existing service to weekly or even 2x/weekly while our spring winds continue to howl and foul our pools. Our folks find our pool maintenance options to be a great value and help. We have 17 service Techs that cover South Texas ready to assist you. West to East, we range from the Hill Country of Rio Grand City to the beaches of South Padre Island. South to North we cover from the Rio Grand River to the Ranch country as far North as Falfurrias.

Give us a call and give us a try, you’ll love the service experience, extra professional help and your swimming pool even more.

Happy Swimming!!!!