When you envision your dream backyard do you see a gorgeous poolscape with an adjoining spa that creates an all-encompassing outdoor oasis? Imagine being able to swim in the crisp clear water and then winding down in the spa to warm up and relax. Not only are pool and spa design combinations a great way to elevate your outdoor living space, but they also offer a number of amazing benefits! 

Read on to find out why a pool and spa combination will work wonders in your backyard and how they can help improve your overall health and wellness this year. 

Why Does A Pool & Spa Combination Work

An integrated spa is a great addition to your swimming pool design, as pool and spa combos create the ultimate luxurious experience right in the comfort of your own backyard. A custom spa and pool give you the best of both worlds – letting you swim, splash, and play around (whether with family or friends) while also having a place to relax. They can be enjoyed throughout the entire year, too. 

While the pool is traditionally most used in the warm summer months, the great thing about Texas is that you can still enjoy the water year-round. So when the weather does cool off, instead of completely avoiding the pool, why not take a dip in the pool and then warm up in the spa? Being able to use your pool and spa throughout the entire year enhances the whole ownership experience!

The Health & Wellness Benefits of a Pool & Spa Combination

Pools in general are a fabulous addition to any backyard. You can swim with your loved ones, host parties outside to celebrate the milestones in your life, or just throw in a float and find yourself decompressing when needed. Add a spa and you’ve just stepped up your ability to improve your overall health and wellness. 

Did you know that swimming utilizes every muscle in your body, and a 30-minute exercise in the water is equivalent to 45 minutes of exercise elsewhere? Swimming is great for your general well-being, as it is an excellent option for staying trim and healthy, while also building a positive mental outlook. If you can spend about 30 minutes between 2 to 3 times per week in the pool, and follow a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, you’re on the right track. Now imagine being able to get in your aquatic workout and then jump right into your warm spa for your recovery period.

Soaking in a spa for 20 minutes a day is one of the best ways you can improve your overall well-being. Not only does warm water immersion have robust effects on your heart health, but it also helps reduces your stress levels and allows you to sleep better. Soaking in your spa after working out will also aid in alleviating any muscle soreness or normal aches and pains. 

Your McAllen Pool Building Experts

Swimming is well known to help physical and mental health all the way around, and soaking in a spa for a few minutes every day can be beneficial to your health on many different levels. If you don’t have a pool and spa combo in your backyard, now may be the time to seriously consider expanding your backyard so you can start reaping the mental, physical and social benefits pool and spa ownership has to offer. Give the pool building experts at Hamlin Pools a call to schedule your design consultation today. 


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