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At Hamlin Pools, we want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision by investing in a pool for your family and friends to enjoy that is designed by a longtime family-owned and operated Rio Grande Valley pool builder. When you meet with one of our expert pool designers for a free at-home consultation and assessment, we’ll put our six decades of pool building experience to work for you. We stand by our designs and want to give you the pool you’ve always imagined.

What to Expect
There are many steps to the pool design process, and we never want you to feel overwhelmed. At Hamlin Pools, we’re dedicated to making sure everything runs as smooth as possible for you throughout the entire design and construction period. So what can you expect during this stage?

  • Initial at-home consultation: During this time we’re looking to answer important questions that determine many factors for your backyard design. What vision do you hope to achieve? What pool shape works for your backyard? What is your style? What is your budget? Are you looking to incorporate an outdoor living space, as well?
  • Design and quote: After the consultation, your Hamlin Pools designer will create a custom pool that meets that expectations discussed and falls within your budget.
  • 3D presentation: Using our state-of-the-art Pool Studio design software, we are able to present your entire backyard in a way that showcases 360-degree views of every single detail of your pool design, including unique custom features  handpicked by you.
  • Finalize design: Once you’ve experienced your 3D design and made the appropriate changes, we’re ready to approve the final design.
  • Financing paperwork (if applicable): We offer a variety of financing options that enable to you to purchase the pool and backyard of your dreams.
  • Closing:
  • Pre-construction meeting and staking: It’s time to stake out your backyard for your new pool. Your property survey is an excellent tool that allows us to accurately layout your project with respect to property lines, easements, building setbacks, as well as existing gas, electrical and water services line layouts.
  • Color selection: Get creative during this stage of the process when you’re picking out the colors for your tile, decking and plaster. We have a variety of materials and colors to choose from that will perfectly complement your backyard oasis.
  • Build your dream pool: It’s construction time, and the time for you to watch your pool come to life in your backyard by the Hamlin Pools experts.
  • Enjoy: All your hard work has paid off, and now it’s time for you and the family to enjoy your new backyard for years to come.

Which Pool Shape is Right For You?
Whether you like the sleek straight lines of a traditional pool, the natural look of a freeform pool or a custom vanishing-edge oasis, Hamlin Pools can design and construct the backyard you’ve always wanted. Read on below to learn more about the different pool shapes or visit our Custom Pools gallery to see a variety of Hamlin Pools projects in different shapes and sizes.

Vanishing Edge, Infinity or Negative Edge Pools: When the elevation of your yard allows, a vanishing edge, infinity or negative edge pool is the only way to go. Your pool appears to fall over a ledge, creating a beautiful look and effect.

Traditional, Geometric, Square or Rectangular Pools: These classic pool shapes remain popular choices for elegant, clean lines, and they look amazing with custom water features like a sheer descent or paired with a custom spa.

Freeform or Natural Pools: Freeform and natural-shaped pools appear as if they were created by nature, yet only better. These are popular choices if you’re looking for a tropical flair, and are paired nicely with custom rockwork or spa.

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